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episode 9 (spiolers)

This episode was awesome! Im glad that Korra could make some contact with Aang,and I knew that Naga will save the day! 

And i feel extremly bad for Asami, i think a serious talk between her and Mako is in the way. 

But i didnt gave up about Borra, my sweet, precious Borra! I only afraid of Basami, that one I cant imagine ;A; 

Btw im glad that this episode was kinda away from shipping, and I dont understand why was Mako that nerveus about Korra, Bolin supposed to be (imo)

But im a proud sailor of S.S Borra, i’ll be untill my dieing day!!!

And dont forget that i can feel some avatar state from the promote, when amon try take away the bending!!!!!

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